Honoring Legacies and the Quest for the American Dream

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & UFO Researcher
For UFO Currents

James Baldwin is arguably one of the most brilliant minds to have ever lived. An American, he witnessed a great deal both in the United States and across Europe throughout his life.

I was always struck by the depth of his knowledge, his thought process, and his eloquence. Unfortunately, many detract from his legacy due to his race and sexual orientation, despite his inspiring writings and what remains one of the most significant intellectual debates in American history, occurring in 1965.

Similarly, William F. Buckley Jr., another polarizing American intellectual, captivated the nation and impressed international audiences. In 1965, the underlying racial tensions and mutual disdain were palpable during the Cambridge Union debate between these two men. They discussed U.S. political stances on race, justice, and history.

These were two great Americans, yet not everyone appreciates both; clearly, today, those racial divisions still permeate the American political and socioeconomic landscape.

However, I can listen to both men, understand their motivations, and appreciate their contributions. Today, on this Juneteenth, I pay homage to Mr. James Baldwin, who held his own against one of America's most formidable and articulate men of that era, Mr. Buckley.

In 1965 at the University of Cambridge, two of America’s foremost intellectuals tackled the question: "Has the American Dream been achieved at the expense of the American Negro?" Each year on Juneteenth, I pour myself a cup of coffee and watch this event to remind myself of where we stood as a society in 1965 and to reassess the evolution of our country today and reflect on what the American Dream means, whether it has persisted through time, or if it has become extinct.

I yearn for that American Dream for all of us, and I hope for Americans of all races to unite and rise above the darker elements of our past—not to forget them, for we never can—but to educate our current and future generations on what not to do, and instead, how to be.

By "how to be," I mean being respectful and accepting of one another as Americans. While we may all have origins outside this country or even this continent due to our ancestry, today we stand united—arm in arm, across all branches of the U.S. military, and despite the tribalism of Right versus Left, we are all part of the American political sphere.

We must remember that we are all Americans despite deep-seated political and religious ideologies. Regardless of color, we are all American. Our history does not solely define us; rather, our actions today will set the precedent for future generations and truly define who we are.

In the midst of modern political turmoil, let's stay united. Let's worship as we choose. But let’s always remember that we are all American.

Juneteenth, July 4th, and every Thanksgiving symbolize who we are today. However, the tears shed over past injustices across this continent are also emblematic of our identity. We must never forget, yet we must learn from our history to ensure future generations understand why we need to do better.

Happy Juneteenth. God Bless America.

Anthony F. Sanchez

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tek9h3a5wQ

In 1965, both men spoke their truths, each presenting their views with conviction. Not everyone may agree, and that is perfectly acceptable.

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